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About filtersupport


The current global demand for constant improvement of environmental technology, forms the basis for Filtersupport’s dynamic improvements in industrial air cleaning as well as cleaning of process- and waste gases.
With a strong environmental awareness among the employees Filtersupport must develop products and services, construct, install and implement products with regard to sustainable development, with the following objectives:
  • Follow applicable environmental law and rules
  • To fulfill contractual environmental requirements as agreed with the customer


Filtersupport’s business is focused on the development of products and services that contribute to reduce the environmental impact of energy production and industrial processes. The products support a long-term sustainable development of society.

The positive environmental impact caused by customers’ use of our products is great. Our activities therefore gives a big net contribution to a sustainable society.

In order to preserve our planet, it is important that we all contribute actively to reduce the increasing air pollution in the world. That is why it is important not only to reduce the amount of dust, but also to ensure a reduction of pollution caused by SO2, NOX, dioxins and acids generated by incineration plant, biomass plants and polluting industrial processes, discharging polluted air and flue gas.

Maintaining a “Green environment” is the most important vision. We base our many years of experience in the field of air purification and filter design – on good references throughout the world. We constantly strive to maintain our market position as one of the world’s leading providers of clean-air filters and equipment.